JaneSpaceI’m Jane and I Sell Adventure

I didn’t start out life dreaming of becoming an adventure goddess. In fact, I was the kid too afraid to climb up the ladder to the tree house. My life changed when I took a job as a marketing assistant for the company that introduced the world to the chance to fly Russian fighter jets over Moscow.

halo-janeTwenty-three years later, I oversee the company’s international marketing efforts and Incredible Adventures offers more than 30 different adventures throughout the world.  I’m still afraid to climb ladders, but I’ve flown a fighter jet in Moscow, raced a truck in Florida and ballooned above the Sahara. I’ve been taken hostage by mock terrorists, gone in search of great white sharks and more. I’ve even written a book on adventure!

Someday, I’ll write a book about the incredible fun I’ve had selling Incredible Adventures and the many adventurous people I’ve come to know. janetigermoth Until then, you can read about some of my favorite moments in this blog.

Imagining, creating, developing, testing and delivering adventures is often an adventure in itself. A zillion little details and countless hours of planning go into perfecting each experience to insure the final product is worthy of the “incredible” brand.  Every day presents a new challenge.

I sell adventure!

Life is either an incredible adventure or nothing at all.





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