An Unforgettable Slice of Life

I’ve been smiling all morning, thanks to this email I found in my inbox.  Emails like this make me love my job.



Incredible ! My photos are still on your website… It was fourteen years ago.

For me it was a MiG-25 flight with Alexander Pavlov as pilot. The crew at Moscow was very kind (Galina).

Thanks for this unforgettable slice of life.

Hervé (from France)


From Vomit to Underwear

If we’re ever audited by the Internal Revenue Service, there is sure to be some chuckling at our expense reports.  We’re probably one of the few companies in the world that’s been required to pay for “vomit”.  (Please get plenty of rest the night before your MiG flight, remember to eat breakfast, and consider taking anti-motion sickness medication if you think there’s a chance extra cockpit and flight suit cleaning will be required after your flying adventure.)

We also pay for “underwear”….the full body garment, similar to “long underwear” that is worn beneath a Russian flight suit to absorb the sweat produced by a whole lot of adrenaline.


10 Days and Counting

When others are sitting down to Easter Dinner, I’ll be on a plane, heading to Moscow, where I’ll meet other members of IA’s leadership team. As a perk for “having” to work on a holiday weekend and being “forced” to fly halfway around the world (coach), we’ll be meeting and staying at the same luxurious five-star Metropol Hotel where our clients stay when they travel to Russia to fly our high-flying MiG-29.

I’ve been fortunate enough to stay at the Metropol once before. Located just next to Red Square and across the street from the famous Bolshoi Theatre, the Metropol is easily one of Moscow’s grandest hotels.  Built in 1905, the hotel has been featured in countless movies, including “Dr Zhivago” and “The Saint”.

After a day to review client itineraries and sleep away any jet lag, we’ll be entertaining a group of clients and potential international sales agents.

Here’s a little secret.  People think I travel all the time because, after all, I sell adventure.  The truth is, I rarely get out of the office, because I’m too busy selling adventures!

Until next time,