Yes, Women Can Fly…and Shoot…and Dive…

I got asked again today if women can participate in our Covert Ops Counter Terror Adventure.  Of course women can!  (Historically, we’ve found our female clients to be better shooters.) Adventure isn’t a guy thing. Women can also fly MiGs, Skydive Everest, train for space and experience every other adventure we offer.  In the last 23 years, I’ve personally verified that every adventure we offer is “female friendly”.





An Unforgettable Slice of Life

I’ve been smiling all morning, thanks to this email I found in my inbox.  Emails like this make me love my job.



Incredible ! My photos are still on your website… It was fourteen years ago.

For me it was a MiG-25 flight with Alexander Pavlov as pilot. The crew at Moscow was very kind (Galina).

Thanks for this unforgettable slice of life.

Hervé (from France)


A Night at the Moscow Circus

Greg, Rebecca and I spent a fun Saturday night at the Moscow Circus.  There are actually two different circus shows in Moscow…one traditional and one “new”.  We opted for the original circus, located a short car ride from our hotel. Thankfully, the concierge at the Metropol was able to score us three great seats for the sold out performance at a cost of about $35 each. (According to the hotel concierge, the original circus is only a 20 minute walk from the hotel, but since it was a cold and rainy night, we opted for Uber.)

Every seat is a great seat in the small one-ring arena with stadium seating. A live orchestra adds excitement to the night. A small café serves wine, vodka, soft drinks and snacks..  Popcorn and ice cream are also available.

Be warned…the traditional circus is heavy on animal acts, including dancing elephants and tightrope-walking cats.

A Lesson in Russian Traffic Laws

Today’s trip to the offices of Sokol started off with a crunch when the minivan we were riding in was hit by a small car at this intersection.

Thankfully the damage to both vehicles was small and we were on our way shortly after the insurance man arrived.

In Russia, if it is a minor accident, an insurance official arrives to take photos and information and then provides the information to the police, together with his opinion.

The police then determine which driver is a fault, who will get a ticket and whose insurance company must pay.

Given how bad traffic is, in both Moscow and Nizhny, I am guessing insurance companies are kept very, very busy!