Experience the Sardine Run with My Friend Nic

One of the best things about selling adventure is getting to meet really incredible people.  Nic de Gersigny is one of those people.  For years, he helped welcome Incredible Adventures customers to Cape Town, to fly fighter jets and dive with white sharks.  Now, he’s the head of SEAL Expeditions and leads Incredible Adventures clients on South Africa’s epic “Sardine Run” each year.  Take it from me. It’s impossible to not have a great time, hanging out with Nic.

Each year, thousands of sardines migrate along South Africa’s coastline, setting off a feeding frenzy and providing an opportunity to get in the water with vast quantities of sea life.  Snorkel with sharks, whales, dolphins and more.

2018 Adventure Dates are: June 29-July 7, July 7-July 15 and July 15-23.  For details, visit the Incredible Adventures website or call 800-644-7382.

Hoping for a Sharky Saturday

Farallone White Shark - photo by Peter Winch
Farallones White Shark – Photo by Peter Winch

This Saturday, September 30th, marks the start of the 2017 Great White Shark Diving Season at San Francisco’s Farallon Islands. It’s hard to believe this will be our 12th season at the Farallones.

Pre-trip delivery of new underwater cameras has been confirmed.  Waivers have been collected and wetsuit sizes verified.   Crew members in San Francisco are preparing the cage and working down their to-do lists.  There are air tanks to pick up and groceries to buy.

I can’t wait for 6 pm, Saturday…when the boat returns, and I receive my first trip report from the incredible Greg Barron…our Director of West Coast Shark Operations.  Fingers crossed that our first trip of the season turns out to be a very sharky day!

You can book your own San Francisco shark adventure online.


I’m Happy Staying Dry

shark2I’ve tested many a new adventure, but when it comes to water, I am happiest staying out of it. Thankfully, Rebecca volunteered to give our new Bimini Shark Cage a test, first at the end of a dock, and then off the back of our incredible Bimini Shark boat at one of the prime locations in the Bahamas for viewing big sharks.

I’m really excited about our newest Bahamas Shark Adventure.  The sharks are really close to shore and the water is calm and clear in Bimini.  Our 60 ft glass-bottom shark boat is great for people like me, who love being on the water, or by the water, but not in it.  I can watch big sharks without getting wet!   Our floating shark cage means no dive certification is necessary. Our partners at Neal Watson’s Bimini Scuba Center will teach shark lovers all they need to know to cage dive.

Bull sharks, hammerheads, tiger sharks, reef sharks, nurse sharks, lemon sharks…need I say more?  If you’d like to know more about our Bimini Shark Adventures, call me….I sell adventure 🙂

I Love Our Shark Boats

Loaded with cages for GuadalupeA key part of putting together any shark dive adventure is partnering with the right vessel and captain(s). We definitely scored a victory when we found Jose and the Solmar V.  The Mexican-flagged vessel is absolutely beautiful and serves as an incredible platform for great white shark adventures in Isla Guadalupe. Best of all,  Jose and the rest of the Solmar V team share our dedication to providing incredible service.

Celebrity Shark Divers


A March 18 edition of “The Sports Buzz” features their favorite “unseen” photos from wrestling’s WWE.  I love that one of their favorite pictures features the Undertaker, uncharacteristically smiling.  That’s because he’s standing on our Bahamas Shark boat next to our very own Sharky Jillian!  He went shark diving at Tiger Beach with Incredible Adventures several years ago and loved it.

Racing legend Jeff Gordon is another sports celebrity to experience the thrill of diving with Tiger Sharks.  Video of his dive is featured on a video he produced together with Pepsi.

Our next Tiger Shark Adventure is set for April 2nd.  You don’t have to be a celebrity to join us!

Lots of Sharks, a Shallow Sandy Ocean Floor, and Clear Blue Water

On April 2nd, 3rd and 4th, we’ll be taking lucky shark lovers to “Tiger Beach”, a very special “shallow spot”, located roughly 20 miles off the coast of Grand Bahama Island’s  West End.  (I say “we”, but what I really mean is our incredible shark dive team.  I’ll still be in Russia, watching IA clients drive tanks and such and getting my fill of borscht.  Given how seasick I get in elevators, I’m content staying dry and looking at shark photos.)

The location is known worldwide for its population of large tiger sharks, reef sharks, lemon sharks and nurse sharks.  Lots of sharks, a shallow sandy ocean floor, and clear blue water combine to make it one of the best places in the world to go cage diving with sharks.

Grand Bahama is not nearly as well-known as its sharks.  Grand Bahama is one of the islands closest to Florida and is primarily experienced by cruise ship passengers making a quick stop on the way to somewhere else.   I love Grand Bahama precisely  because it hasn’t been overly crowded with tourists when I’ve visited.  (I also love any place where business meetings involve a Bahama Mama.)

There’s a ferry providing almost daily service between Ft Lauderdale and Freeport/Port Lucaya.  Florida boaters often make the easy trek over to the island. You can also book a seaplane flight over and add a little extra excitement to your shark adventure.  The Old Bahama Bay Resort website provides some great tips for traveling to the island.

(The famous Atlantis Resort is on Nassau, a different island.  If you visit Nassau and want to go shark diving at Tiger Beach, you’ll need to arrange a helicopter or small plane flight from Nassau over to Grand Bahama.)

Our shark trips depart from Old Bahama Bay Marina at the resort.  Our dock is about a 40 minute car or cab ride from Freeport/Port Lucaya.  You can stay onsite at the luxurious Old Bahama Bay Resort, or stay in town, if you prefer to be closer to the restaurants and nightlife of the city.