Celebrity Shark Divers


A March 18 edition of “The Sports Buzz” features their favorite “unseen” photos from wrestling’s WWE.  I love that one of their favorite pictures features the Undertaker, uncharacteristically smiling.  That’s because he’s standing on our Bahamas Shark boat next to our very own Sharky Jillian!  He went shark diving at Tiger Beach with Incredible Adventures several years ago and loved it.

Racing legend Jeff Gordon is another sports celebrity to experience the thrill of diving with Tiger Sharks.  Video of his dive is featured on a video he produced together with Pepsi.

Our next Tiger Shark Adventure is set for April 2nd.  You don’t have to be a celebrity to join us!

Author: Jane

Twenty-four years ago, I took a job that changed my life. I signed on as one of the first employees of a new company selling MiG fighter jet flights in Russia. Now, I'm considered something of an Adventure Goddess. I've written a book about adventure and have flown a fighter jet, floated in zero-g and a whole lot more. Life is either an incredible adventure or nothing at all, right?

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