Moscow is Full of Surprises

Ran into a relative of my favorite mouse outside the Beverly Hills Diner in Moscow.  He was hugging Russian grandmothers as they exited the nearby upscale Nikolskaya Plaza.  I’m pretty sure there’s an ice cream shop and upscale shopping center on every corner in Moscow.


A Lesson in Russian Traffic Laws

Today’s trip to the offices of Sokol started off with a crunch when the minivan we were riding in was hit by a small car at this intersection.

Thankfully the damage to both vehicles was small and we were on our way shortly after the insurance man arrived.

In Russia, if it is a minor accident, an insurance official arrives to take photos and information and then provides the information to the police, together with his opinion.

The police then determine which driver is a fault, who will get a ticket and whose insurance company must pay.

Given how bad traffic is, in both Moscow and Nizhny, I am guessing insurance companies are kept very, very busy!